User administration

The user administration functions of a repository allow a repository administrator to manage users.

For a user to be able to work in a TestArchitect project, the following is required:
  • that the user is registered in the repository by an administrator for that repository;
  • that the user is a member of that project;
  • that the user is a member of a functional user group of the project, such as testers or test leads, with sufficient rights for the kind of work he/she needs to do.
Permissions are based on the functional group, as follows:
  • guests: only have reading authorization.
  • testers: can only work on test modules and data sets that are assigned to them, or that are assigned to no one.
  • test leads: can work on all test modules and data sets.
  • automation engineers: can work on action definitions and interface entities that are assigned to them, or that are assigned to no one.
  • automation leads: can work on all actions definitions and interface entities in the project.
  • test managers: have broad authority in the project.
  • administrators: have all permissions and the ability to manage users and repositories.

Detailed permissions of each functional group

Note that user assignments to groups are project-specific. For example, user Mary may be assigned to the Car Rental project as a test manager, while being assigned to the Scrum Board project (in the same repository) as a test lead and automation engineer. An exception is that of the administrators group: assignment to administrators is done at the repository level. Hence, if John is assigned to one project as a member of administrators, he is automatically an administrator of all projects in the repository.