Assigning user permissions for a specific project item

Designating the Assigned user for a project item.

Ensure the following requirements are met:
Any project item may have up to one user assigned to it, or it may remain unassigned.
Note: Assigned user status has its greatest impact on members of the testers group. A testers member is restricted from modifying any project items other than those that are either assigned to him or herself, or are unassigned.
To assign a TestArchitect user to a specific project item, do the following:
  1. In the TestArchitect explorer tree, double-click the project item node to which you want to assign a TestArchitect user.
  2. Select the Information tab.

  3. In the Assign user box, select a user to assign to this project item.
    Tip: If you'd like to assign this item to no one, just select the (not assigned) option.

  4. Click the Apply button.