Adding a predefined panel

TestArchitect has a wide range of predefined panels that you can choose from to present data from your project.

To add a predefined panel to a Dashboard page:

  1. Launch an instance of the Dashboard and log in to the session as a user with permission higher than that of the guest user.
  2. On the page selection tool bar, click Choose Panels.

    The panels on the current page slide down to reveal the list of predefined panels.
  3. Select a predefined panel from the list.
  4. On the Panel Configuration dialog box, enter the information as requested and click OK.
    • Select page: Select the page in which the newly added panel will appear.
    • Height: Set the height (in pixels) of the panel. Taller panels have higher resolution, producing sharper charts.
    • Folder: Select a TestArchitect repository folder containing the report data you want displayed in the new panel.
You can add more panels to the Dashboard page or customize the panel settings as needed.