Cloning a panel

Cloning a panel is a way to quickly copy an existing panel including all customized settings.

Ensure that you are logged in to the Dashboard session containing the panel you want to clone, and with login credentials higher than those of the guest user.

To clone a Dashboard panel from an existing panel:

  1. Click the Clone panel icon () located on the upper-right hand side of the panel you want to clone.
  2. In the Clone Panel dialog box, select the Dashboard page (from the Select page drop down list box) to which you want to add the cloned panel.
  3. Enter the display name of the newly cloned panel in the Display Name text box, and then click OK.
    Restriction: An administrator can clone panels onto any Dashboard page. A non-administrator can clone panels only onto a Dashboard page belonging to him or herself.
A newly cloned panel is added to the Dashboard page specified by the Select page drop down list box (step #2) in the Clone Panel dialog box.