Disconnecting the Quality Center server

If no further connection between a TestArchitect repository and Quality Center is required, you may terminate it.
Tip: It should be noted that the following is not an essential process. A connection to a third party tool (such as Quality Center or Team Foundation Server) is only active when it is in use. Hence, leaving a tool "connected" only really means that the repository is configured to allow for such a connection to be activated when needed. Also, while it is true that only a single external tool may be connected at a given time, configuring a repository to connect to a new tool has the effect of automatically disconnecting any other tool that is already connected.

To disconnect a TestArchitect repository from a Quality Center server:

  1. Expand the repository's Administration > Tool Profiles > External Tool node in the TestArchitect explorer tree.
  2. In the expanded list of options, double-click the Quality Center node.
  3. In the Test Management panel of the Quality Center tab, clear the Active check box to terminate the connection to Quality Center.
  4. Click Apply.
TestArchitect terminates the connection with Quality Center, and the repository is now available to connect with another external tool.