Rules for mapping custom fields between TestArchitect and Quality Center

Custom fields in the Quality Center TEST and RUN Quality Center tables can be mapped to user-defined fields in TestArchitect test modules or test cases. Mapping is driven by field names. Fields in Quality Center and TestArchitect are mapped to each other automatically when a), their names are identical, b), their data types are compatible, and c), the TestArchitect Apply To entity is matched properly with the Quality Center Project entity. When uploading from TestArchitect to Quality Center, values fromTestArchitect user-defined fields are loaded into their corresponding fields in Quality Center. Likewise, values from Quality Center custom fields are loaded into the corresponding TestArchitect user-defined fields when importing tests from Quality Center to TestArchitect.
Mutually mapped fields must have compatible data types, as specified in the following table:
Table 1. TestArchitect and Quality Center Data Types
TestArchitect Value Types Quality Center Types
Single-line text String
Multi-line text String
Label String
Number Number
Date Date
Boolean String
List item Lookup list, User list
  • In TestArchitect, the data type is set in the TestArchitect Value Type field in the New Field dialog box.
  • Values for user-defined TestArchitect fields are set using the Default Value field in the New Field dialog box.
  • If a TestArchitect field's value type is List item, ensure that the items defined for it comprise at least a subset of the corresponding Quality Center field's items.

    Example: Let's say that the Priority field of a given Quality Center entity is a Lookup list with a value domain of Low, Medium, High, and Intermediate. The associated TestArchitect field must then be a List item type with the same set of possible values, or at least a subset of them, such as Low and Medium.

  • In Quality Center, custom fields in the TEST table can be defined as required. This is not the case with the RUN table.
  • All required fields in the Quality Center TEST table must have values before a Quality Center to TestArchitect import can take place. Similarly, uploading from TestArchitect to Quality Center requires that those user-defined TestArchitect fields which map to required Quality Center fields be populated with values.
In addition to choosing the correct data type for each user-defined field, you also must match the TestArchitect Apply To entity in the New Field dialog box with the project entity in Quality Center. The following table displays the mapping relationships between TestArchitect Apply To entities and Quality Center Project entities.
Table 2. TestArchitect and Quality Center Entities
TestArchitect Apply To Entities Quality Center Project Entities
Project (Not supported)
Test module Test
Test case Test
Test objective (Not supported)
Test folder (Not supported)
Action (Not supported)
Action folder (Not supported)
Argument (Not supported)
Data set (Not supported)
Data set folder (Not supported)
Interface (Not supported)
Interface entity (Not supported)
Interface entity folder (Not supported)
Interface element (Not supported)
System (Not supported)
Version (Not supported)
Result Run
Result folder (Not supported)
Test tool (Not supported)
User (Not supported)
Bug (Not supported)