Launching Lab Manager from a browser

Launching a Lab Manager session from a web browser.

A Lab Manager session may be started or accessed on any machine on the network, provided it has an up-and-running web server and the Lab Manager application (which, in most cases, means simply that TestArchitect is installed).

In a web browser, enter the Lab Manager web server IP address and port in the address bar, in the form of: http://{server IP:port }/LabManager, such as -

Port 80 is the default port that Lab Manager "lives" on. If unavailable, the next port used by Lab Manager is 54000, followed by 54001, 54002, etc.

Note: There is no practical limit to the number of users who may concurrently be logged in to a given Lab Manager instance on a machine. For that matter, one user may also be logged in to multiple Lab Manager sessions concurrently, each on a different host, and each in a different window of his/her browser.