Self-registering a controller

A controller can register itself with a Lab Manager session.

To register a TestArchitect controller to a running Lab Manager session from the controller's machine:

  1. Right-click the TestArchitect Controller icon in the Windows notification area.
  2. Select Lab Manager Registration.

    Note: A controller may only be registered to a single Lab Manager session at a time. If the Lab Manager Registration option is disabled, the most likely reason is that the controller is already registered to another Lab Manager session. The other possibility is that the controller is not running; in that case, the Start Controller menu item on the same context menu is enabled.
  3. In the Lab Manager Registration dialog box, provide the name (or IP address) of the machine hosting the Lab Manager session you'd like to be registered to, along with the port (the default port is 53100). You may also provide an optional alias for the controller in the Label field.
  4. Click the Register Me button.