Lab Manager toolbar

The Lab Manager toolbar consists of several buttons for managing the controllers/devices, test runs, and the display.

Only users with administrator privileges have access to all buttons. For non-administrators, only the Refresh button is visible.

  • Refresh: To conserve resources, the Lab Manager screen updates only when the user manually clicks this button. Note that clicking the Refresh button is not equivalent to clicking the browser's refresh. A Lab Manager Refresh causes the Lab Manager application to query all the listed controllers/devices for an update on their respective statuses. A minimum refresh period (configurable by those with administrator rights) is imposed between each refresh, and hence the Refresh button is disabled during this Refresh Latency period, which can be set from the Configuration button.
  • Add Controller: Add a controller to the Controller Status Monitor (see Registering controllers). Devices physically attached to a controller are not added automatically to the device list. Click Refresh to update the controller/device list.
  • Add Device: Add a device to the Device Status Monitor. Use this option when you need to add a device after the device's controller has been registered with the Lab Manager session.
  • Move Controller: Move the chosen controller from one Lab Manager session to another. All devices attached to the moved controller are removed from the device list in the existing Lab Manager session, and those devices are not added automatically to the destination Lab Manager.
  • Remove: Remove one or more controllers/devices from the Controller Status Monitor. In the leftmost column of the display, select the check boxes of all the controllers/devices to remove, and then select Delete.
  • Terminate: Terminate one or more in-progress test runs. To terminate execution on one or more controllers/devices, select the applicable check boxes in the leftmost column, then select Terminate.
  • Configuration: Invokes the Server Configuration dialog box, which allows you to specify the Refresh Latency period applicable to this Lab Manager session and highlight controllers that have been registered to the session: