Configuring run settings

To specify which build definition, environment, etc., is to be used for running tests on Microsoft Test Manager (MTM), run settings must be configured.

After you create a team build (learn more), you can add it to your test plan in Microsoft Test Manager.
To configure run settings, do the following:
  1. Run MTM and connect it to the team project from TFS where your project resides.
  2. In MTM's Testing Center, click Plan on the ribbon, then switch to the Properties tabbed page of your test plan.
  3. In the Test environment list of the Automated runs group of the plan properties, select a lab environment in which you want to run your tests.

  4. Associate a build containing your tests with the test plan:
    1. Click the drop-down button of the Filter for builds list box and in the ensuing dialog box select the build you created for your tests. (Learn more.)
    2. Click Modify to the right of the Build in use box and select the build you want to use for testing. (Learn more.)

  5. Click the Save button to save the changes made to your test plan and close the Test Plan Properties page.