Introduction to project subscription

By subscribing to other projects, you can avoid duplication of effort and allow your project to avail itself of the actions, data sets, interface definitions and picture checks that already reside in those projects.

A project that subscribes to another is referred to as the subscriber, while the project being subscribed to is the supplier. Subscribing allows a project to use the actions, interface definitions and data sets of the supplier. A project can subscribe to any number of suppliers, and, conversely, a project can act as supplier to any number of subscribers.

A project can be both supplier and subscriber concurrently. When a supplier is subscribed to other projects, all its subscribers also have access to the project items that the supplier is subscribed to.

The following project items can be shared via subscription:
  • actions
  • interface entities
  • data sets
  • shared picture checks: that is, those stored within the Picture Checks node of a project.