Quick Start tab

The Quick Start tab, which appears when you open TestArchitect Client, and remains available until you close it, offers quick access to some of the most common features of the client, along with helpful information.

Among other things, Quick Start lets you conveniently connect to a repository, create a new project, record actions, and open step-by-step tutorials.

Note: The Quick Start tab appears, by default, every time TestArchitect is launched. The option to suppress or permit this appearance may be set in the Preferences dialog box. (Learn more.)

This tab consists of three separate sections:

  1. Basic functions: Primarily intended to allow new users to become acquainted with TestArchitect's most essential tools.
    Connect to a repository
    Brings up the Add Repository Connection dialog box, which allows you to connect to a repository, an essential first step in creating a project or working on one. (Learn more.)

    Create a new project
    Assists you in creating a new project in the currently selected repository. (Learn more.)
    Record a new test module
    Deploys the Action Recorder, a means by which you can write a new action by having TestArchitect record your interactions with the AUT, with little or no typing required. (Learn more.)
    Identify an element
    Allows you to rapidly identify a UI object of an application of interest, similar to clicking the Identify button on toolbar menu. (Learn more.)
    Show Dashboard
    Launches the TestArchitect Dashboard, a web–based application that connects directly to a TestArchitect repository server and displays project results from the current repository. (Learn more.)
  2. Support Resources:
    TestArchitect Forum
    Get technical support and participate in product feature requests. You can also share your experiences with TestArchitect and learn from others.
    TestArchitect Online Help
    The TestArchitect Help system is available in both desktop (CHM) and web-based versions. You can use them to find the information you need
    Knowledge Base
    Provide troubleshooting and how-to tips on TestArchitect, and also link other resources like case studies and technical articles to become a better user.
    TestArchitect Blog
    Read a wide variety of test automation topics. The available blogs provide product updates and tips that help unleash your team’s potential.
    Best Practices
    Read and apply the best practices in administering and testing with TestArchitect to optimize performance, efficiency and quality in your projects.
    Contact Support
    If you have questions, problems with TestArchitect, you can contact our Support Team. Our Support Team is dedicated to providing you with high-level technical support.
  3. Reference Links: All the relevant links you need when coming or deciding to come to TestArchitect.