Playback toolbar

The playback toolbar appears at the bottom right corner of the screen during test execution. It displays the test run status and allows you to pause, resume, or terminate the test.

The playback controller consists of following buttons:
  • Pause/Resume: Pause or resume the running test.
    Fastpath: Press Ctrl + Alt + P on your keyboard.
  • Terminate: Terminate the running test.
    Fastpath: Press Ctrl + Alt + T on your keyboard.
    Note: TestArchitect generates a test result even after the test run is terminated prematurely.
  • Show/Hide running status: Show or hide the automation information including test modules, test cases and action lines
    Fastpath: Press Ctrl + Alt + R on your keyboard.
  • Show/hide the playback toolbar: Show or hide the entire playback toolbar during the automated test.
    Fastpath: Press Ctrl + Alt + S on your keyboard.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for the playback toolbar are not supported on the Linux platform.
  • The playback toolbar is not available during multiple device execution. Therefore, use the Lab Manager toolbar to terminate tests running on multiple controllers/devices.