Comparing results without baseline

A side-by-side comparison of test results from a given test module can be a good yardstick for tracking progress over time.

Ensure that you meet the following requirements before comparing test results:
  • TestArchitect is running and connected to the repository that contains the test results.
  • The two test results you compare are from the same test module, or, as the case may be, the same test module variation.
Choose one of the following two methods to compare test results. To avoid confusion with the term baseline results, we'll refer to the test results that act as the reference in this case as the reference results.
Important: Once you compare results, TestArchitect automatically unmarks the previously marked test result. That is, there is no longer any set of reference result. To perform another comparison, you must again go through the two-step process of Mark to Compare and Compare Results.
The Result Comparison dialog box appears to show the differences at checkpoints in the test results. See Results Comparison dialog boxes for an explanation of the Results Comparison dialog box.
  • Setting the baseline for the test module enables the Baseline comparison section in the Summary tab for all subsequent test runs of the same test module.
  • If the test result is from a set of serial test results, the Comparing Multiple Pairs of Results dialog box appears. See Comparing serial run results for an explanation of the Comparing Multiple Pairs of Results dialog box.