Executing a test with variations

As discussed, it is at the start of execution that you inform TestArchitect of the specific versions of systems (we'll call these system/versions) that apply to your test run, as well as any applicable keywords. Subsequently, during execution, any time the test run calls for a given test module, action, interface entity, or data set, the automation determines, based on a well-defined set of rules, the appropriate variation to invoke.
  1. Select a test module, and then press Ctrl + F9 in Windows (macOS: + + F9, Linux: Ctrl + Shift + F9).
  2. In the Execute Test dialog box:
    • If you want to execute a test with keyword variations, enter the keyword(s) into the Keyword field of the Variation Specification panel.
      Note: Separate multiple keywords with commas.

    • If you want to execute the test with linked variations, click the Select Version button and select the version(s) in the Select Version dialog box.

      Important: Note that, during execution setup, only one version node may be selected per system. (Learn more.)
The test is executed with the selected keyword or/and the linked variations.