Installing the Microsoft components

A fully functional TA-TFS integrated system requires that a number of components of Microsoft's Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) environment be installed and configured.

  • TestArchitect Client and Microsoft Test Agent must be installed on the same machine.
  • The TA-TFS plug-in, Visual Studio and MTM must be installed on the same machine.
  • In order to import TFS test cases or tests suites into TA, or upload TA test modules/test cases/test results to TFS, the TFS Object Model must exist on the machine hosting your TA repository server. This package can be installed once you install Visual Studio; alternatively, it may be installed as a stand-alone package. Note that, if you decide to install the TFS Object Model as a stand-alone package, please ensure that it is of the same version as your installed TFS.
  • For test scenarios using Visual Studio 2015 or Team Foundation Server 2015, whether on-premise or cloud-based, support for launching automated tests is limited to Microsoft Test Manager 2015 with Microsoft test controller and Microsoft test agent for Visual Studio 2013 Update 5 (Note that these are Microsoft-imposed constraints).
  • Running automated tests from Team Foundation Server’s web portal for Microsoft Visual Studio is currently not supported.
TA-TFS integration requires installation of the following software components of the Microsoft ALM. Please refer to the appropriate Microsoft resources for information on the installation and configuration of these items:
  • Team Foundation Server:
    • Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2017 Update 2, 2017 Update 1, 2015, 2015 Update 1 (learn more).
    • Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2013.
    Note: Both on-premises and Visual Studio Team Services (the latter also known as Visual Studio Online) are supported.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio, including Microsoft Test Manager:
    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Update 2, 2017 Update 1 (Enterprise or Professional edition)
    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, 2015 Update 1 (Enterprise, Professional or Test Professional edition).
    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 (Ultimate, Premium, Professional or Test Professional edition).
  • Microsoft Test Controller for Visual Studio:
  • Microsoft Agents for Visual Studio:
  • TFS Object Model:
    • TFS 2013 Object Model Installer.