Team Foundation Server integration

TestArchitect™ can be integrated into Team Foundation Server (TFS)® allowing you to include your TestArchitect tests in your application’s lifecycle managed by the Visual Studio and Visual Studio Team Foundation tools. You can associate your TestArchitect test cases with TFS test cases in your test plan and run the plan as an automated test in MTM.

The following flowchart illustrates the TFS integration process.

Figure 1: TFS-MTM integration process

In general:
  1. From Microsoft Test Manager, a test request, (that is, detailed test case information), is sent to Team Foundation Server.
  2. Team Foundation Server sends test information to Microsoft Test Controller.
  3. Test Controller sends test case execution information to the Microsoft Test Agent. At this step, Test Agent calls a test method and then launches the TestArchitect scheduler to execute the specified test cases.
  4. After execution completes, Test Controller collects the test results from Test Agent.
  5. Test Controller publishes the results to Team Foundation Server.
  6. Finally, Team Foundation Server displays the test results in Microsoft Test Manager.