Importing Team Foundation Server test suites to TestArchitect

Just as TFS test cases may be imported, test suites residing in TFS may be also imported into TestArchitect.

Ensure that you have already taken the following steps:

To import a TFS test suite into TestArchitect:

  1. In the TestArchitect explorer tree, right-click the Tests node or the target test folder into which you want to import the TFS test suite, and then select External Tool > Visual Studio > Import from Team Foundation Server.
  2. In the Import from Microsoft Test Manager dialog box, select a non-mix mode test suite, and then click OK.
    Note: An non-mix mode test suite is a test suite that:
    • does not contain both child test cases and child test suites.
    • does not recursively contain any child mix mode test suites.
    A notification message dialog box appears indicating that the import was successful.

  3. Click OK to close the dialog box.
A test suite, upon importation, takes the following form in TestArchitect:
If the imported TFS test suite contains only child test cases: a TestArchitect test module:

If the imported TFS test suite contains child test suites: a TestArchitect test module folder: