Running automated tests under Visual Studio Team Services

With TFS-MTM integration in place, you have the option of launching your automated TA tests from either environment. And in both cases, you can have your test results automatically (or manually) sent to TFS.

In general, the steps required for running automated tests under Visual Studio Team Services do not differ much from those required for on-premises TFS. Please refer to the following links for details.
  1. Prerequisites for running tests under TFS-MTM.
  2. Installing the TA plug-in.
  3. Configuring TA for a TFS connection.
  4. Mapping a TA project to a TFS project.
  5. Creating TA-MTM projects in Visual Studio.
  6. Associating TA and TFS test cases in Visual Studio.
  7. Creating and queuing team builds in TFS-MTM.
  8. Creating and configuring test plans.
  9. Running TA tests from MTM.
  10. Uploading TestArchitect test results.
  11. Mapping more TA test cases to TFS test cases.