Prerequisites for running tests under TFS-MTM

This topic describes the requirements that must be met by the systems involved in running tests under TFS-MTM.

Requirements for each system

Computer hosting the TestArchitect repository server

  • The TFS Object Model must exist. This package can be installed once you install Visual Studio; alternatively, it may be installed as a stand-alone package. Note that, if you decide to install the TFS Object Model as a stand-alone package, you must ensure that it is of the same version as your installed TFS. And also restart your repository server after installing the TFS Object Model.

TestArchitect Client computer on which you create and configure tests

  • TestArchitect Client.
  • The TA-TFS plug-in. (Learn more.)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio, including Microsoft Test Manager:
    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Update 2, 2017 Update 1 (Enterprise or Professional edition)
    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, 2015 Update 1 (Enterprise, Professional or Test Professional edition).
    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 (Ultimate, Premium, Professional or Test Professional edition).

Lab environment where tests run

  • Microsoft Test Controller for Visual Studio:
  • Microsoft Agents for Visual Studio:
  • TestArchitect Client and Microsoft Test Agent must be installed on the same machine.
  • The TA-TFS plug-in, Visual Studio and MTM must be installed on the same machine.
Additionally, it is required that you be familiar with how to automate test cases in MTM (learn more), and that you have: