Automatically uploading TestArchitect test results to Zephyr

You can configure TestArchitect to automatically upload test results to Zephyr upon conclusion of a test run.

Restriction: Integration between TestArchitect and Zephyr has been deprecated since TestArchitect version 8.3 Update 2.
Note: At present, TestArchitect-Zephyr integration supports versions 4.5 and 4.6 of Zephyr.
Ensure that you have already taken the following steps:

To automatically upload TestArchitect test results to Zephyr after execution:

  1. Initiate TestArchitect test execution as you normally would. In the Execute Test dialog box, select the Upload result to Zephyr check box on the Advanced Settings tab.
  2. Click the browse button .
  3. In the Select Test Case To Upload dialog box, select a test cycle that contains the test phases and tests that you want to upload the result to and then click OK.

  4. In the Execute Test dialog box, click the Execution button to begin test execution.

    After the test run terminates, TestArchitect automatically uploads the generated test results to Zephyr at the specified test cycle location and displays the upload confirmation message.

  5. Click OK to close the confirmation dialog box.
TestArchitect test results are uploaded to the Zephyr in ZIP format.
To view the uploaded results on Zephyr, see Viewing uploaded test results on Zephyr.