Features of TestArchitect-Zephyr integration

A discussion of key features of TestArchitect and Zephyr integration.

Important: TestArchitect-Zephyr integration supports the following versions of Zephyr.
At the broadest level, the steps involved in developing Zephyr test cases for integration within TestArchitect could be described as follows:
  1. Within Zephyr, define the System and Subsystem folders which will store test cases.
  2. Organize your Zephyr test cases into a folder structure that mirrors the test module structure you will create, or have created, in TestArchitect.
  3. For each folder you create in Zephyr, create a test module in TestArchitect with an identical name.
  4. Import Zephyr test cases from each test folder into the corresponding TestArchitect test module counterparts, where they will serve as test cases.
  5. Optionally, upload each TestArchitect test module to its corresponding folder in Zephyr. This creates a Zephyr test case with the same name as the TestArchitect test module’s name, preceded by a # symbol. This is known as a test module node.
  6. For each test case, create action lines that implement the test case.

With this integration with Zephyr, you will be able to do the following: