Rules for mapping custom fields between TestArchitect and Zephyr

Custom test case fields in Zephyr can be mapped to user-defined fields in TestArchitect test modules or test cases.Mapping is driven by field names. Fields in Zephyr and TestArchitect are mapped automatically when their names are identical and their data types are compatible. When uploading from TestArchitect to Zephyr, values from TestArchitect user-defined fields are loaded into their corresponding fields in Zephyr. Likewise, values from Zephyr custom test case fields are loaded into the corresponding TestArchitect user-defined fields when importing tests from Zephyr to TestArchitect.
Important: TestArchitect-Zephyr integration supports the following versions of Zephyr.
Mapped fields must have compatible data types, as specified in the following table:
Zephyr Value Type TestArchitect Value Type
Text (1024) Single Line Text
Long Text (32000)

Single Line Text

Multi Line Text



Build Number

Pick List List Item
Check Box Boolean
Date Date


Single Line Text

All mandatory custom fields in the Zephyr test cases must have values before a Zephyr to TestArchitect import can take place. Similarly, uploading from TestArchitect to Zephyr requires that those user-defined TestArchitect fields which map to mandatory Zephyr fields be populated with values. Values for user-defined TestArchitect fields may be set when the field is created, using the Default value field in the New Field dialog box, or by explicitly setting the given field for the particular project item on the item’s Information tab.