Changing command line port

TestArchitect supports users in changing the TA command line port number to resolve port conflicts.

Note: Applies to TestArchitect 8.3 Update 5 and higher.
  • To change the port number, set an environment variable named COMMANDLINE_PORT
  • The default value of COMMANDLINE_PORT is 53800.
  • Ensure that the new port number must be in the range of 53800-53899. (Learn more)

On a Windows machine

Use the following command:
Set COMMANDLINE_PORT=<New port number>
For example:

On a Red Hat Linux machine

Use the following command:
export COMMANDLINE_PORT=<New port number>
For example:
export COMMANDLINE_PORT= 53843

In Docker Environment

When you deploy the TestArchitect image on multiple containers at once within a single Docker host machine, the containers will share the same TestArchitect command line port. So it is possible that TestArchitect test results are not returned to the proper container.

In order to address the issue, you need to modify the port number of the TA command line on each container in the Docker environment. In summary, change the port number when you start the TestArchitect image on a container.

Your command might resemble the following:
$ docker run -it --rm -p 53843:53843 -e COMMANDLINE_PORT=53843 --name <ContainerName> <Image>:<Tag>  

Where -e: to modify the COMMANDLINE_PORT environment variable.