Import/Export command line tool

TestArchitect allows you to import and export repositories and individual project items from within the TestArchitect Client environment. In Windows, these tasks may also be performed with command line commands.This feature is especially valuable in development environments that employ continuous integration (CI) practices. Taking this capability a step further, the Import/Export tool allows you to create Windows batch files that automate your import and export processes.
Restriction: The Import/Export tool is not available in the TestArchitect packages for the Linux and macOS operating systems.
Note: With TestArchitect installed, the Import/Export tool (TAImportExportTool.jar), can be found at TA_INSTALL_DIR\binclient.
The Import/Export tool allows for the following operations to be performed:
The following command line commands are available:
  • help: Retrieve descriptive information on the functionality and options of the Import/Export tool.
  • ImportRepository: Import a repository from a file.
  • ExportRepository: Export a repository to a file.
  • ExportFromPath: Export a specific project item, identified by its TA path, to a file.
  • ExportFromID: Export a specific project item, identified by its ID, to a file.
  • ImportToPath: Import a project item to a specific location, identified by TA path, in TestArchitect.
  • ImportToID: Imports a project item to specific location, identified by ID, in TestArchitect