Known Bug Summary tab

Reviewing test results can assist you in determining if and when JIRA bug issues on a JIRA server should be closed.

Remember: The Known Bug Summary tab is only available when the test results are viewed on a web browser.
The Known Bug Summary tab shows all known bug marked on action lines (learn more). Exploring this tab reveals the following information:

Table 1. Known bug summary
Field Description
Bug ID of the TA bug. Click the Bug ID to view Bug Information in TestArchitect Client.
Summary A brief one-line summary of the TA bug.
Test Case The particular section in the test module in which the TA bug is exposed. The section can be Initial, Final or a specific test case. Click the test case number to view the corresponding test case in the Result Details tab.
Status The current status, or life cycle stage, of the marked known bug, as defined in the bug's Current status field.
This Run The suggested status of the TA bug for this automation run. (Learn more.)
Line The line number in the test where the action is marked as a known bug. (Note that any number of action lines may be marked with a given bug ID.) Clicking on the line number allows you to view the corresponding line in the Result Details tab.
Ignored Fails The number of executions of the marked action line that failed during the run.