Uploading TestArchitect test modules/test cases to Team Foundation Server

TestArchitect test cases and test modules can be uploaded to the TFS server, which also establishes one-to-one mappings between the two sets of test cases.

Ensure that you have already taken the following steps:
To upload TestArchitect test cases/test modules to TFS:
  1. In the TestArchitect explorer tree, right-click the Tests node, test folder node, or test module node to be uploaded, and then select External Tool > Visual Studio > Upload to Team Foundation Server.
  2. In the Upload to Microsoft Test Manager dialog box, select the target folder in TFS to which you wish to upload the test module(s)/test case(s).

  3. Select the Map Test Module (#) and/or Map Test Folder check boxes.
    Remember: One of these two options must be selected:
    • Map Test Folder: Upload TestArchitect test cases to TFS.

      For each parent TestArchitect test module, a TFS test suite is created with the same name. TFS test cases with the same names as their TestArchitect counterparts are created in the appropriate test suites.

    • Map Test Module (#): Upload both TestArchitect test modules and test cases to TFS.

      In addition to creating the TFS test suites and test cases as in the previous option, each uploaded test module generates a TFS test case. The test case is assigned the name of the test module, prepended with a pound sign (#), and placed in the corresponding TFS test suite alongside its uploaded test cases. For example, a TestArchitect test module named Input Validation produces a TFS test case named #Input Validation, which resides in a TFS test suite named Input Validation. This TFS test case contains the full content of the TestArchitect test module, including not just the test cases but the INITIAL and FINAL sections as well.

  4. In the Upload to Team Foundation Server dialog box, click OK to upload. If the upload to TFS is successful, a message box to that effect is displayed.

  5. Click OK to close the dialog box.
Important: It's possible for TFS to have custom fields which are required. If you attempt to upload TestArchitect test cases that have corresponding user-defined fields with empty values, an error message appears.