Features added to TestArchitect 7.1

This topic describes the changes made in TestArchitect version 7.1.


TestArchitect License Server

The License Server model has been restructured. Currently, TestArchitect is available in three different editions (Professional, Mobile Plus and Enterprise). These three editions are tailored to the needs and sizes of specific teams, as well as their development plans.

TestArchitect Client and Repository Server

Enhancements to existing features:
  • List views: TestArchitect list views have been enhanced to make them more user-friendly and provide more pertinent information based on selectable criteria. Multiple enhancements include:
    • Edit multiple fields: The field values of multiple items in the list view can be changed simultaneously (all of fields you want to edit must be in editable states).
    • Copy text: Continuous or discontinuous rows can be selected from the list view and pasted into other documents, including Microsoft Word and Excel formats. The Copy text command copies cell-by-cell, row-by-row and column-by-column. Each column is separated by a tab delimiter.
    • Filters: You can input your own user-defined filters or use predefined filters to customize the display of list items.
    • Replace: The names of test modules and test cases can be replaced. This replace function not only changes the names of items in selected fields, it also automatically changes the names of all associated entities affected by the name change.
  • Copy definition: The definition of any control in the Element Identification dialog box or the Interface Viewer can be copied and used in a dynamic control identifying technique.
  • Dragging and dropping a saved picture of picture-based actions is now supported.
  • Performance related to the addition of large test results to the repository has been improved.
  • SampleRepository database enhancements include:
    • Car Rental – Mobile project replaces the Car Rental application on the Android platform to illustrate automation testing on all mobile platforms including Android and iOS.
    • Current Web sample Project Manager Selection is replaced by Scrum Board to provide a better illustration of Web application automation.

TestArchitect Automation

Enhancements to existing features:
  • Action run test: test name can be retrieved from a variable
  • Action type: simulation of the Windows key being pressed using {WIN} notation.
  • Check the availability of TARegisterServer before starting automation to prevent automation failure caused by TARegisterServer being unavailable.
  • Change the name of the date function id, which converts a specific Gregorian date to an equivalent Julian day number, to fj to prevent possible name conflicts with user-defined id as a column header in data sets.