Features added to TestArchitect 7.3

This topic describes the changes made in TestArchitect version 7.3.


TestArchitect Client

Enhancements to existing features:
  • Version History dialog: A text area has been added to the dialog to display multiline comments.
  • click tree node built-in action: argument type has been renamed to click type.
  • Improved tab navigation: Navigate between active tabs more conveniently.
  • Quality Center integration improvement:
    • The mapping step between a TestArchitect project and a Quality Center project has been simplified. The user may now specify both the TestArchitect and Quality Center projects to be linked, with no renaming of projects required.
    • Importing Quality Center tests into a TestArchitect test module: Tests residing in Quality Center can be imported into TestArchitect so that each QC test is mapped automatically to a test case in TestArchitect.
    • Uploading TestArchitect test modules to Quality Center: An uploaded test module's name in Quality Center is assigned the same name as in TestArchitect, prepended with a pound sign ( # ). (For example, a TestArchitect test module named Input Validation appears as #Input Validation in Quality Center.) Additionally, each of the uploaded TestArchitect test cases is associated with a test in Quality Center.
    • Execute in TestArchitect, upload results to Quality Center: Results of tests executed and stored in TestArchitect from projects mapped to Quality Center may be conveniently uploaded to Quality Center either manually, via context menu, or automatically, as specified.
  • MTM integration improvement

TestArchitect Automation

Enhancements to existing features:
  • pinch: The pinch built-in action now supports both Android and iOS devices.
  • Performance improvements on Android platform: Performance of test execution has been increased by 30% and performance of control loading on Interface Viewer by 50% (both cable and WiFi modes).

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