What's new in TestArchitect for Windows

The following new features and improvements are introduced in TestArchitect version 8.1 update 1 running under Windows.


TestArchitect Client

Enhancements to existing features
  • Variation execution: Formerly, when both linked and keyword variations were specified at runtime, TestArchitect required eligible variations with keywords to match the runtime-specified keyword set exactly. Now, TestArchitect accepts variations with subsets of the runtime-specified keyword set.
  • Integration with HP Quality Center
    • Version Control within Quality Center is now supported. Particularly, importing Quality Center tests into TestArchitect or uploading TestArchitect test modules/test cases to Quality Center automatically generates versioning information of the item in Quality Center.
  • Integration with Microsoft Test Manager: Additional options when executing test cases in Microsoft Test Manager:
    • Include screenshots: Retain all captured screenshots in the exported HTML test result.
      • Optimized resolution: Included screenshots' dimensions are optimized to save space in the exported HTML test results. Specifically, the screenshots are saved as thumbnail images.
      • Regular resolution: Original resolution of included screenshots is retained. Specifically, the screenshots are saved as full size images.
  • Support viewing new line and horizontal tab characters in the test results.
  • In the Select Controller dialog box, each controller is identified by its host name, rather than IP address.

TestArchitect Automation

Enhancements to existing features
  • get device information built-in action: An additional argument, unique id, is provided to retrieve a unique ID for the target test device.