What's new in TestArchitect for Windows

The following new features and improvements are introduced in TestArchitect version 8.1 update 2 running under Windows.


TestArchitect Automation

Enhancements to existing features
  • ignore tabs and newlines built-in setting: Ignoring of tab and newline characters is now supported on additional platforms, such as Java, mobile (Android, iOS), etc.
  • Support for transmission of tab() and newline() characters for various user-interface actions such as set and enter.
  • scroll to view built-in action is now supported on the following platforms:
    • Android:
      • native Android apps
      • Google Chrome
      • WebView
    • iOS:
      • native iOS apps
      • Safari
      • WebView
  • New additional Android 5 controls are supported, including toolbar and menu bar.
  • The TextSwitcher Android control is remapped to the text switcher TA control, instead of label.
  • The SearchView Android control is remapped to the search view TA control, instead of textbox.