What's new in TestArchitect for Linux

The following new features and improvements are introduced in TestArchitect version 8.2 Update 3 running under Linux.

  • Before upgrading to the latest version of TestArchitect, it is strongly recommended that you back up all repositories.
  • A TestArchitect client and any repository server to which it connects must be of the same version.

TestArchitect Client

Enhancements to existing features
  • Performance improvement during startup of the Repository Server.

TestArchitect Automation

  • Built-in actions/built-in setting to handle unpredicted appearance of a modal dialog box in desktop applications: The troublesome modal dialog can be automatically closed, or custom-handled by a user-defined action.
    • on modal action (built-in action): Specify the action to be invoked in the event of the occurrence of a modal dialog box that may block the test automation.
    • get modal definition (built-in action): Retrieve the definition of the current modal dialog box.
    • modal close attempts (built-in setting): Set the number of retries for the invoked action handler specified in the on modal action built-in action.