What's new in TestArchitect for macOS

The following new features and improvements are introduced in TestArchitect version 8.2 Update 5 running under macOS.


TestArchitect Client

TestArchitect Automation

Enhancements to existing features
  • check picture built-in action improvements:
    • Enhanced functionality for improved performance: It’s now possible to submit multiple picture checks to the repository in batches.
    • Unverified picture checks in serial test results can be quickly verified from the serial result nodes in the TestArchitect explorer tree.
  • ignore blank space built-in setting: Choose whether or not to trim leading and trailing white spaces from text strings that TestArchitect samples from the AUT before making the values available to actions.
  • Expanded support for the getCurrentEntityID method: A value of testcase for the entityType parameter causes the ID of the currently running test case to be returned.