Features added to TestArchitect 8 Update 2

This topic describes the changes made in TestArchitect version 8 update 2.


TestArchitect Automation

Enhancements to existing features
  • Improvements for re-signing iOS applications:
    • Solutions enhanced so that re-signing iOS apps works more stably on various types of applications.
    • During the re-signing process, the .ipa app extension is now optional.
  • Generic Android ta class is no longer supported; instead, new and existing Android ta classes have been created and improved.
    Note: If you already have captured generic Android controls in prior versions of TestArchitect, you may continue using them in this version by contacting TestArchitect Support at support@logigear.com.
  • get text file built-in action: File extensions are not taken into consideration, as long as they are text or word-processing files.