Creating a summary report in Excel

Exporting TestArchitect data to Microsoft Excel™ is probably the most common use of TAUtilities. This topic focuses on invoking TAUtilities' APIs from Excel, a COM application program.

Note: While it is not necessary that they run on the same machine, both the TestArchitect client and the application interfacing to it (Microsoft Excel, in this case) must run on the same OS and machine architecture (32-bit or 64-bit).

In the following example, you will export TestArchitect test module information into Excel, using Excel's Visual Basic, on a Windows-based system. The exported information includes the description, assigned user, created by, date of creation, and status result of each test module residing under a specific test module folder, plus the total number of test modules in the folder.

System functionality

In order to direct the APIs to retrieve exactly what you want, you provide the following information in designated Excel cells:
  • the hostname or IP address of a desired repository
  • the repository server’s port number
  • the repository’s name
  • the project’s name
  • a valid username/password to log on to the repository
  • the TestArchitect explorer tree path to a test module folder

Once the information is provided, clicking the Generate button results in the designated Excel cells being populated with the required data from the TestArchitect items: