Working with the C# harness

How to implement customized TestArchitect actions using the C# programming language.

TestArchitect offers a C# harness in addition to the Java and Python harnesses. This lesson contains two exercises that demonstrate how to create C#-scripted actions and how to make such actions accessible in your TestArchitect ABT tests.

Supported OS environments

  • Windows
  • TestArchitect installation includes a library file, Interop.TestArchitect.dll, that exposes the automation library objects and functions that are used by the C# harness.
  • Ensure that you have Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (or later) installed before proceeding with the following examples.
  • The harness executable that you build must target the same machine architecture as your installed version of TestArchitect. That is, if you are running the 32-bit version of TestArchitect, build the harness executable for x86; for 64-bit TestArchitect, build the x64 harness.