Viewing the test results

Run a test using your Java-coded action, and ensure that it properly interacts with the target application.

Before proceeding, ensure that you have:
You will run a test which executes the check row count action, which you have implemented in the TestArchitect harness as a Java method. Your action, as invoked, examines the View Orders table of the Car Rental application (below), counts the number of rows in which the contents of the Car Type column is "Ford Mustang Coupe", and compares that number to the expected count of 2.

  1. If you have not already done so, start the Car Rental application by selecting Start > All Programs > TestArchitect > Samples > Car Rental Application.
    The login window appears.

  2. Log in to the application, and navigate to the View Orders window.
  3. With your test module displayed in the TestArchitect editor, click Execute on the toolbar.
    The Execute Test dialog box appears.
  4. Before clicking Execute, click Automation Tools. The Automation Tools dialog box appears.
  5. Select TestArchitect Java Harness from Playback Tool option.
  6. Click next to the Script(s) field to browse to the file java_harness.jar which, if you followed the instructions to create it (that is, used Eclipse), should be in your Eclipse workspace directory.

  7. Click OK to return to the Execute Test dialog box.
  8. In the Test Modules panel, expand the tree. If you so wish, ensure that the only test case selected for execution is the one hosting the check row count action (TC 02 in the example).
  9. Click Execute to run the test.
Upon completion of the test, the results are displayed: