Working with the C# bundle harness

How to implement customized TestArchitect actions using the C# programming language.

Supported OS environments

Since TestArchitect version 8.3, TestArchitect offers a new architecture, C# bundle harness, to implement C# user-scripted actions. This new architecture provides the following advantages:
  • Easy deployment: The ability to reuse user-scripted actions among different projects by simply sharing DLLs of the actions
  • Usability: To ease the C# function declaration and implementation
  • Low coupling: not having to merge source code and rebuild the entire harness solution, even though a single user-scripted action is added. In other words, adding one new user-scripted action does not affect the existing user-scripted actions.
Note: For legacy C# user-scripted actions, created in TestArchitect versions prior to 8.3, you are not required to migrate them to C# bundle harness. Specifically, your legacy C# user-scripted actions continue to work normally in TestArchitect 8.3, and you are able to develop additional user-scripted actions that conform to legacy C# harness architecture.

This lesson contains two exercises that demonstrate how to create C#-scripted actions and how to make such actions accessible in your TestArchitect ABT tests.