Connecting to Android's TestArchitect Agent via Wi-Fi

Establishing a connection between the Android device and the host machine allows TestArchitect to communicate with mobile applications.

Ensure that you have installed the TestArchitect Agent on the Android device, and that you know the IP address of the host machine.

Perform the following procedure on the Android device to connect the device to the host machine via Wi-Fi:

  1. Enable the Wi-Fi connection on the Android device and connect to the host machine via Wi-Fi.
  2. On the Android device, start the TestArchitect Agent.
  3. On the TestArchitect Agent logon screen, enter the host machine IP address and click the Connect button.

If a connection to the host machine is established successfully, a Connected Successfully message appears on the device. To disconnect the Android device from the host machine, click the Disconnect button.
Tip: The Android icon changes to after the physical device is connected successfully to TestArchitect via a Wi-Fi connection.