Installing re-signed Car Rental application

After re-signing the Car Rental Android application, you can proceed to install it on an Android device via TestArchitect's Manage Applications Under Test dialog box.

Ensure that the following basic requirements are met before the installing the Android application on the device:

Perform the following procedures on the host machine.

  1. Establish a valid connection between the host machine and the Android device.

    Option 1: Connect the USB cable between the host machine and the device. (On a device with Android 4.0 or higher, enable the USB debugging option in Settings > Developer options. On one with an Android version lower than 4.0, enable USB debugging in Settings > Applications > Development)

    Option 2: Connect via Wi-Fi

  2. Start TestArchitect Client.
  3. In TestArchitect Client, click Tools on the toolbar and select Android - Instrument Applications. An Android Instrumentation Tool dialog box appears displaying the list of connected devices in the Devices panel.
  4. Optional: If you have more than one device connected, click, on the Devices panel, the device into which you want to install the re-signed application file.
  5. On the Android Instrumentation Tool dialog box, click the Install more button.
    Tip: The Install more button is active only when there is a device connected to the host machine.
    The Manage Applications Under Test dialog box appears to allow you to add Android applications.
  6. In the Manage Applications Under Test dialog box, select the Car application with the package name com.logigear. Click the Install button to install the Car Rental application.

    TestArchitect installs the selected application on the device. If the application is already installed on the device, TestArchitect prompts you as to whether you want to replace the existing file.
The installed Car Rental applications are available on the device desktop ready to be tested.