Car Rental iOS configuration

Before executing tests on an iOS device with the sample Car Rental application, you must install required software and configure the device.

  1. For starters, the iOS device must be a development device. (Alternatively, you can use an iOS device for which development use is temporarily enabled).
  2. Second, you must install TestArchitect Agent onto the device. This allows for communication between TestArchitect on the host machine and the AUT on the iOS device. The installation of TestArchitect Agent on the device must be performed using a USB cable. (Installation over a wireless network is not supported.)
  3. Next, several settings on the iOS device must be properly configured, such as setting Triple-Click Home to control Toggle VoiceOver, and turning on Location Services for TestArchitect Agent. Refer to Configuring an iOS device for complete instructions.
  4. After completing configuration of the device's settings, install the Car Rental iOS application onto it.
  5. Finally, use TestArchitect Agent to establish a connection between the host machine and the device.