Full-text search in web help

A basic search of topics consists of the word or phrase you want to find. You can use wildcard expressions, nested expressions, boolean operators, similar word matches, the previous results list, or topic titles to refine your search.

Performing a full-text search

A full-text search is performed within the Search tab of the web help viewer:
  1. Select the Search tab of the help viewer.
  2. Type the word or phrase you want to find.
  3. Press Enter or click the Search button. The viewer searches for topics that match the specified criteria and displays the found topics in the Results list below.
  4. To view a topic, select it from the list of search results.
Note: The Search tab is enhanced with a rating mechanism that computes scores for every page that matches the search criteria. These scores are then translated into a 5-star rating scheme, with the highest-scoring pages appearing first in the list. The ratings are based upon:
  • The number of search terms found in a single page. The higher the number, the higher the ranking.
  • Context: A search term appearing in a title, or in an emphasized section of text, receives a higher score than a word found in unformatted text.
Rules applied during search:
  • Searches are case-insensitive.
  • The space character separates keywords. An expression like test results counts as two separate keywords test and results.
  • Quotation marks have no special function in web help, and are treated as any other character. Hence, do not use quotes to perform exact searches for multiple-word expressions. An expression like "test results", actually searches for the terms "test (quotation mark followed by test) and results", (results followed by quotation mark).
  • Search for words containing three or more characters. Shorter words, like to, or of are ignored.
  • Stemming is enabled. Stemming allows for words similar to your search term(s) to be included in the search. For example, a search on the word export will also turn up hits on pages containing the words export, exported, exports, exporting and other similar word forms.