License server for TestArchitect

TestArchitect is sold on a node-locked or floating license basis. You must license your copy of TestArchitect before you can use it.

Licensing in TestArchitect

Licensing is handled through a License Server. Each time you start up TestArchitect, a License Server validates your license and grants usage rights. You need only register your license with a License Server one time. This is done by submitting a LogiGear-supplied key to a license server.

The License Server you use can reside either on your local machine, or on a remote system. The License Server you use for registration is the same server that will validate your license each time you use TestArchitect, so make certain that your License Server is installed on a machine that is always available. This is especially true in the case of multi-user licenses, where you want the active License Server to be available on your network to all valid users.

Important: In this document, the client machine refers to the machine running the TestArchitect Client or TestArchitect Controller.