Getting Started

Restriction: TestArchitect currently provides partial support for Generic WebDriver. Built-in actions and settings can only work on the platforms and browsers listed in this topic.

A WebDriver test often starts with:

  1. setting [webdriver mode] [on]: to activate the WebDriver mode.
  2. navigate: to go to the test web page.
Important: To run a test with WebDriver, you have little choice other than to go to the test page using navigate.

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To execute tests with WebDriver, it is required to configure WebDriver server & client.

Note: Providing that you use Safari, configure it to enable WebDriver support. (Learn more)

Setting an environment

You can set up an environment using the configure webdriver built-in action.


When you navigate to a page, you have three options: opening the page on a new tab, a new window or the current tab. target browser instance