Object class representing a baseline image of a given picture check.

Note: This class and its associated methods are currently supported only by the C# harness.

Workflow Implementation

In general, a basic workflow involves the following steps:
  1. Initialize an AbtPictureCheckManagement object.
  2. Retrieve a specific picture check by using the GetPictureCheck method. An AbtPictureCheck object is then returned.
  3. Depending on your needs
    1. apply various methods belonging to AbtPictureCheck to retrieve a specific baseline image or all baselines of a picture check. An AbtBaselinePicture object is then returned.
    2. finally, apply methods belonging to AbtBaselinePicture to further process the returned baseline(s).


Suppose that you'd like to save a baseline image, "Baseline {1}", which belongs to a shared picture check, "Yellow Chevrolet", into a given folder.

Your snippet of code might resemble the following:
//Initialize AbtPictureCheckManagement object
AbtPictureCheckManagement mgn = new AbtPictureCheckManagement();

//Retrieve a shared picture check "Yellow Chevrolet"
AbtPictureCheck pictureCheck = mgn.GetPictureCheck("/Yellow Chevrolet");

//Retrieve a baseline image "Baseline {1}"
AbtBaselinePicture baseline = pictureCheck.GetBaselineByName("Baseline {1}");

//Save the baseline to a location
int exportResult = baseline.Save("D:\Images");