Testing Google Chrome on Android

With TestArchitect, automated tests may be created and run on web applications running within Chrome for Android.

  • Testing Chrome Android must be done by means of a USB cable connection.
  • The Android mobile device under test may be a physical device or an emulator.
  • Ensure that the Interface Viewer is closed prior to running automated tests.

Support Android emulators

  • Android SDK (Software Development Kit), which includes the Android Virtual Device (AVD) emulator that runs on your computer.

Supported Android versions

TestArchitect supports of the testing of web applications running within the Chrome browser on the following Android versions:
API level Android OS version
API level 26 8.0
API level 24 7.0
API level 23 6.0
API level 22 5.1
API level 21 5.0.x
API level 19 4.4.x
API level 18 4.3.x
API level 17 4.2.x
API level 16 4.1.x
API level 15 4.0.3 - 4.0.4
API level 14 4.0 - 4.0.2

Supported web browser

TestArchitect supports testing on Google Chrome browser, up to version 69.

Technological approach

  • Remote debugging is a remote web inspector for debugging web applications on Android devices. The following configurations must be set up to allow remote debugging to be performed:
    • Physically connect the Android device to the TestArchitect controller via USB cable during test automation.
    • Install TestArchitect Agent.
  • Event-fired action model: TestArchitect attempts to effectuate built-in actions in a manner that is as close as possible to real user actions. In most cases, for each given UI action, TestArchitect calls a sequence of events as follows. (Refer to List of supported built-in actions for Chrome on Android.)
    Built-in actions Applicable controls Sequence of events triggered
    click, tap all controls touchstart > touchend > mouseover > mousedown > focus > mouseup > click
    click table cell table touchstart > touchend > mouseover > mousedown > focus > mouseup > click
    set list check ul, ol touchstart > touchend > mouseover > mousedown > focus > mouseup > click
    select, click list item select-one, select-multiple click > change
    set input-checkbox, input-radio touchstart > touchend > mouseover > mousedown > focus > mouseup > click
    enter, set input-text, input-password, input-search, input-tel, input-url, input-email, input-number keydown > keypress > input > keyup > change
    textarea keydown > keypress > input > keyup