Safari iOS testing prerequisites

Guides to setting up Safari iOS automation under TestArchitect.

  • iTunes 11.1 or later is installed on the machine to be used as the test controller (this may be a Windows or macOS machine).
    Important: iTunes 12.7 no longer has an App store, which means you no longer can install .ipa iOS apps within iTunes (learn more). If you want to keep your ways, you can either install iTunes 12.6.3 and get back access to the App store, or use the special version of iTunes at here.
  • On macOS machine, turn off the Energy Saver sleep and idle modes. Specifically, set the Computer sleep slider to Never. (Learn more.) This ensures that your macOS machine does not automatically slip into a sleep or idle state while the automated test is running, which would cause the test to fail.

Additionally, ensure the you take the following steps: