Testing SAP applications

SAP Business Warehouse is a powerful business tool for managing data. TestArchitect can now automate SAP BW applications.

Fully support SAP controls

Now, TestArchitect has complete support for 21 SAP BW controls.
Table 1. SAP control mapping table
SAP control name TA Class
GuiButton button
GuiCalendar calendar
GuiCheckBox checkbox
GuiComboBox combobox
GuiTextField textbox
GuiOkCodeField textbox
GuiTextField textbox
GuiPasswordField password text
GuiTextedit richtext
GuiGridView gridview
GuiMenubar menu bar
GuiRadioButton radio button
GuiStatusbar status bar
GuiTab tab control
GuiToolbar toolbar
GuiToolbarControl toolbar
GuiTableControl table
GuiUserArea frame
GuiTree Simple treeview
GuiTree TreeTableView treetable
GuiTree TreeListView treelist

Built-In Actions

SAP BW has specific controls such as tree lists and tree tables. We've added new Built-In Actions for interacting with these controls.
  1. Click tree table cell
  2. Check tree table cell value
  3. Get tree table cell value
  4. Get tree table cell containing
  5. Is tree table cell selected
  6. Set tree table cell value