does menu item exist


Return a Boolean value to indicate whether a specified item on a menu exists.


TA name of the window.
(Optional/Mandatory based on platform – see the Notes section below) TA name of the menu control.
Menu item or menu item path (see Notes).
(Optional) Variable to receive the returned Boolean value.
Possible returned values:
Item found.
Item not found.

Valid contexts

This action may be used within the following project items: test modules and user-defined actions.


  • menu argument:
    • The menu argument does not apply in the case of an AUT with a user interface based on the Windows API; in such cases, the argument should be omitted.
    • For other platforms, the menu control of interest should be captured as an interface element and passed to this action through the menu argument.
  • item argument:
    • Menu items are identified by their caption properties.
    • If a menu path of more than one item must be specified, use arrow symbols ( -> ) as delimiters between menu items. For example, Vehicles->Cars->Four-door sedans.
  • variable argument:
    • If the variable in argument variable has not been declared, the action creates it as a global.
    • If the variable argument is left empty, TestArchitect supplies a global variable with the name _result.
  • This action supports the <ignore> modifier. If the string <ignore> is present as the value of any of the arguments, or any argument contains an expression that evaluates to <ignore>, the action is skipped during execution.

Applicable Built-In Settings

The following settings are applicable to this action: case sensitive, remove double quotes from cells, standard ASCII only, object wait, window wait, load invisible controls.

Applicable Controls

This action is applicable to the following controls: menu.

Example - Case 1: Item on main menu of a Windows application

Action Lines


Example - Case 2: Item on menu of a Java application

Action Lines