double click time


Set the interval between clicks for TestArchitect to use in applying double-clicks. A double-click is a series of two clicks of the mouse button, the second occurring within a specified time after the first.

Allowable value

Integer value whose lower limit is the test system's minimum allowable double-click interval, and whose upper limit is the current double-click time of the host system, in milliseconds.

  • The maximum value must not exceed the current double-click time of the host system, so that, the system can detect the two clicks generated by TestArchitect as a double-click.

  • To change the system's speed at which you double-click the mouse button, in the Mouse Properties window, press Alt+ D and using the arrow keys or click on the pointer, move it to make the setting slower or faster. (See To change how the mouse button work.)
  • On Windows:
    • The minimum value is 200 milliseconds.
    • The maximum value is the current double-click time of the system.

Default value

Current double-click time of the host system minus 50 milliseconds.


  • The double click time built-in setting affects only the interval between clicks that TestArchitect applies when a built-in action is required to supply a double click to an AUT. An example is the click action when its click type argument has a value of double. Using this built-in setting does not alter the double-click time of the host system.


Scenario: Suppose that your AUT is running on a virtual machine with slow performance; thus, you may slow down the speed at which you need to double-click by setting a new value that is as close to the host system's value as possible. This ensures that the click built-in action takes effect properly.
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